Apple App Store updates rules for in-app purchases

Apple announced to developers that it has updated the rules for in-app purchases for online group event services. According to the “App Store Review Guidelines” guidelines, if an App provides any online group activity services that require payment (one-to-many/one-to-many real-time services), it must collect payment through in-app purchases.

Apple said that in order to facilitate those apps that are affected by COVID-19 and convert offline services to online services, this regulation was suspended last year. At present, the global epidemic has not completely improved, and there are still some apps that need to continue to provide online group activity services. For convenience, the restoration time of this regulation will be postponed to December 31, 2021.

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Apple reminded that according to the guidelines if the App provides real-time one-to-one services between two people (such as teaching counseling, medical consultation, house viewing services, or fitness training), payment can be collected through methods other than in-app purchases.

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