GTA Online launches new Deadline mode arena to enjoy triple rewards

The Deadline mode of GTA Online is a game mode that was first released in 2016. This mode is similar to the motorcycle race in the movie Genesis. This kind of motorcycle will leave a colored light wall after driving. The driver will crash directly after driving towards this light wall.

Recently, R Star officially announced on its website that it will open seven new Deadline mode arenas in some iconic landmarks in Los Santos, and give participating users 3 times the game currency and prestige value rewards. And play a round of Deadline matches and buy Shotaro before June 30 to get $750,000 in GTA game currency rebates.

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Players who log in to the GTA online mode this week can get a Buckingham T-shirt for free. In addition, there are also activities such as Super Yacht Life, Unused Cargo, Escape, and so on. All of the above activities will last for one week. The vehicle reward for the Lucky Wheel in the lobby of the Diamond Holiday Casino this week is an Enus Windsor convertible car.


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