Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra latest render indicate these 4 things

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a top smartphone that we can welcome in January 2022. Concept designer Technizio Concept looks ahead at LetsGoDigital and made a design of the phone based on rumors. We discuss the four most striking and realistic features in his renders.

Olympus Camera

Samsung is joining forces with camera manufacturer Olympus to develop the camera of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, according to recent rumors. According to that information, the phone will come with a large 200MP main camera and two telephoto lenses: one with 3x optical zoom and the second with 10x zoom. If you choose a zoom range between those values, the image will be cropped.

Furthermore, Samsung wants to improve image stabilization, and for that, it takes its inspiration from the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It has a camera with sensor-shift technology. Unlike optical image stabilization, it is not the lens that is stabilized, but the sensor, and that is a technique that has its origins in professional photography. Samsung is already experimenting with such a system.

Focus on the S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy S21 was the first in the series to support Samsung’s smart S Pen stylus. The company now wants to build on that idea, according to rumors. Samsung is going to release two types of the S Pen with its phone: a standard model without Bluetooth, and an extra-large S Pen Pro with Bluetooth.

As far as the software functionalities are concerned, no new details have been leaked. We do know that the S22, unlike the Note series, still doesn’t get a place in the housing where you can put the S Pen. Samsung, on the other hand, does come with a custom case with which you can hide the stylus nicely. Samsung also wants the S Pen to work with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and also with the Z Fold 3.

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65-watt charger

Samsung took a step back with the Galaxy S21 Ultra when it comes to fast charging. Not only did the phone no longer get a charger in the box, but it could still charge at a maximum of 25 watts. With the S20 Ultra, that was still 45 watts. It seems very unlikely that Samsung will lag behind on fast charging with the 22 Ultra, which is why that phone may be able to work with this new 65-watt one.

No selfie camera under the screen

Since the end of last year, rumors have been circulating that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will work with a selfie camera that is processed under the screen. Samsung has now mastered the technology, but renders of the Z Fold 3 from last week showed a camera notch.

Samsung has therefore decided to ignore the special camera because the camera performance is still disappointing. That was the problem years ago. According to the South Korean Naver, Samsung is working on a solution, but we would only see the result in the next Galaxy Note phone. And it will not appear until the autumn of 2022.

We already know this for sure

One of the only things we know for sure about the S22 Ultra phone right now is that Samsung is working with chip designer AMD on its next Exynos processor. There is a strong focus on graphics performance, and AMD wants to make ray tracing technology possible for the first time in smartphones.

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