Microsoft introduced a new experience of universal printing and file transfer progress indicator for Windows 11

Microsoft revealed yesterday that it will improve the printing experience in the Windows 11 system as well as introduced a small and neat file transfer progress indicator on the address taskbar so that users can better determine when the transfer will be completed.

Microsoft Printer:

As you can see from the screenshot below, users can directly add printers in the settings application. For printers that use universal printer drivers, Microsoft has added the ability to add passwords to print jobs.

  • In Windows 11 system, Microsoft added support for Print Support Application (PSA). Windows provides an inbox printer driver based on the standard Mopria printing protocol. This achieves a simple and seamless printing experience, users do not need to install additional software or custom drivers to connect and print to their Mopria-certified printers.
  • Windows 11 system supports extended universal printer drivers, printer manufacturers, or Managed Print Software (MPS) solutions to provide additional custom functions and workflows. These UWP applications are not drivers and run in the context of the user. When installed on a user’s Windows 11 device, PSA can run in the background to process print jobs for the corresponding printer, or it can provide an advanced printing user interface.
  • PSA will also be available outside of the commercial universal printing service configuration on consumer Windows 11 devices. When a home user connects the printer to the home network, the application will be automatically installed from the store.
  • Microsoft is bringing some enhanced support for the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) to the Windows ecosystem. Since 2018, IPP has been implemented in Windows 10 for network printers. In Windows 11 system, Microsoft is adding IPP over USB to expand hardware support using IPP. To support IPP and PSA in corporate environments, Windows also supports targeted discovery of IPP printers.

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Windows 11 Transfer Progress Indicator:

If you have used Windows before, you will know that this is not a new feature. It’s just that Microsoft has chosen a different way of display before, that is, as the transfer progresses, the file explorer icon on the taskbar will also flash green from left to right. But in Windows 11, you will find that Microsoft has introduced a more modern way of presentation. As shown in the image above, it will now only provide a smaller progress bar below the icon.

At the same time, the window indicator for file transfer still uses the old design since Windows Vista (the same goes for Win 7/8/8.1/10). Even in the UI details, its four edges and corners have become more rounded. As for whether Microsoft will further fine-tune the follow-up, it is currently unknown. In addition, the company has not yet disclosed the official launch time of Windows 11, but we expect it to land on production equipment in October.

At that time, Windows 10 PCs that meet the requirements will usher in a free update of Windows 11.

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