Twitter officially entered the NFT digital assets

Twitter announced this week that it would give away 140 newly designed NFTs (non-homogeneous tokens) for free. Since the beginning of this year, digital art based on NFT technology is becoming a hot asset. This is the first time that Twitter has officially entered this field.

On Wednesday, Twitter released 7 different NFTs on the third-party digital asset trading platform Rarible and stated that it would send 20 versions of each NFT to interested users. A Twitter spokesperson stated that Twitter will select recipients of these NFTs based on people who have shown interest in NFTs on Twitter or Raible. Twitter will not sell these digital images and will not charge for them.

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NFT technology uses certificates stored on the blockchain to ensure the authenticity of works of art. Previously, NFT has become a hot topic on Twitter. A Twitter spokesperson said that since the beginning of 2021, there have been more than 29 million Twitter messages about NFT. However, apart from this project, Twitter has no other NFT-related projects or new features.

This does not mean that Twitter will not explore NFT further. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) is a firm believer in digital assets, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Earlier this year, he sold his first tweet as an NFT.

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