Microsoft Cloud PC is a new way to use Windows in the future

Whenever we want to open our favorite desktop applications and important files, the usual solution is to use a Windows device. A new Microsoft service called Cloud PC puts forward the concept of “Windows Anywhere -a new version of the operating system that lives on powerful servers in the cloud, provided as part of Microsoft 365.

In the past year and a half, Microsoft has been working on a solution to spread Windows 10 or Windows 11 from powerful servers in the cloud to applications on desktop platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. Due to leaks and new recruitment information, we now know that cloud computing will be marketed as the next step in personal computing.

Cloud PC is different from Azure virtual desktop, which is optimized for large enterprises and enterprise customers. Unlike Azure Virtual Desktop (previously known as Windows Virtual Desktop), this service will initially be targeted at small businesses at a reasonable price. The consumer version may be announced later.

Cloud PC will prepare your Windows desktop, popular applications, settings, and content for streaming on any supported device. With cloud computers, Microsoft will provide users with a safe place to store and access their applications, files and documents.

Currently, Microsoft is planning to support the following devices: Android and iOS. Windows (including Windows on ARM) and macOS. According to reports, Windows cloud computers may be unveiled at Microsoft’s Inspire event, which will begin later this week.

It is expected that the preview version of Cloud PC will be shipped with Windows 10, and when Windows 11 is generally available, it can also be seamlessly upgraded to Windows 11. So far, Microsoft has remained silent on Cloud PC, but we have found a lot of recruitment information and documents about Cloud PC business. There is already a support page on the company’s website, indicating that Cloud PC uses Microsoft Graph to implement the integration of Microsoft 365 services and so on.

Windows cloud computers will provide a simple and manageable computing environment for Microsoft 365 users who are willing to pay. The latest attempts at Windows virtual desktops will be provided in a variety of configurations. For example, the medium configuration will include 2 vCPUs, 4GB of memory and a 96GB solid-state drive, and the heavy configuration will increase the memory to 8GB. Users can also upgrade to an advanced configuration to get 3 vCPUs and 8GB of memory.

Microsoft’s Cloud PC will be a paid service, optimized only for general personal computing, which means that resource-intensive applications cannot be run in cloud containers. However, Microsoft’s Office suite will be supported. As mentioned at the beginning, Microsoft will announce the cloud computer later this week, and it will enter the public preview soon.

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