Analysts say Sony closely monitoring the pricing performance of Nintendo’s new console

Industry analyst Hideki Yasuda said that Sony is monitoring Nintendo’s pricing for the OLED version of the NS console. According to the Japan Times report, analysts said that if the OLED version of NS succeeds, it will become a precedent in the industry, stimulating other host manufacturers to set higher prices for upgraded models in the mid-career of the host.

According to reports, the production cost of the OLED version of the NS has only increased by $10, so every console sold can bring Nintendo an extra $40 in profit. Nintendo’s OLED version of the NS console is priced higher than the basic version, although this is only an upgraded version of the console based on the same hardware performance in the middle of the generation.

In the past, both Sony and Microsoft set a price consistent with the initial price of the basic version for the mid-term upgrade model. Therefore, it is reported that Sony is closely monitoring the progress of the situation.

NS console sales have been high, so Nintendo did not reduce the price of the console. This is one of the reasons why the price of the upgraded version is higher than the initial price of the basic version. Sony naturally wants to follow the same strategy. After all, the PS5 has become the fastest-selling game console in American history.

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