Google Play will add a new security zone

Google is about to optimize the policies of the Google Play App Store so that Android users can more easily see and understand what all security features mean to them. In the upcoming developer policy, all APP pages of the Play Store will provide a dedicated data privacy and security section.

This part will use easy-to-understand language to explain how the application collects data and how the developer processes the data. The content displayed in this area is not an empty privacy and security protection clause, but a more practical collection of content. This section will also list the security features implemented by the app, such as data encryption or Google’s family policy.

The description of this area can help users decide whether to trust and download the application. This area can restore the application’s data collection more realistically. Even if the data collection option is turned off, some apps will still collect some data, and these behaviors will be displayed in this area.

Of course, this will not happen immediately, and developers will be required to submit information related to these privacy policies. They will have to fill out a questionnaire when submitting a new application or application update. Even applications that do not collect data will be required to attach this information.

Google has given developers plenty of time to prepare for this change, which will not be strictly implemented until April 2022. Starting in October this year, developers can start answering questionnaires. The new Application Privacy and Security section will appear for all users of Google Play.

Google warns that failure to comply with this new requirement will mean that new application submissions or updates will be rejected directly until the issue is resolved.

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