Windows 10 KB5005033 update has a new bugs

After two updates-July 2021 preview and August patch, some users found that their Windows 10 default Alt+Tab feature seems to have some problems. Although the July update (KB5004296) is optional, the August update (KB5005033) is a mandatory patch that should be used to fix previous game issues. But now it seems that KB5005033 has brought some new bugs.

As we all know, on the Windows platform, Alt+Tab can open the task window list, and then the user can scroll through the opened windows with the Tab key and select the desired window. After the August update and July 2021 preview update, some users reported that they had problems with Alt-Tab switching. Simply put, if you use Alt+Tab to exit the game or return to the game interface, Windows will crash or display the desktop.

So, if you cut out the game through Alt-Tab in the full-screen mode, then you will get a black screen when you want to return to the game interface, causing you to be unable to return to the game after cutting out. However, uninstall this update to return to its normal state.

In addition, Windows 10 under this update sometimes exits the full-screen game immediately after launching the game from Steam. If the full-screen game is now minimized to the taskbar, then if I try to click the game to enter the full-screen mode, I will find that Win10 will immediately Switch from full screen to Alt-tab interface, so I went back to square one.

How To Fix KB5005033 Issues:

  • Fortunately, a temporary workaround is currently known. You only need to disable news and interest feed:
  • Right-click anywhere on the taskbar.
  • Select the News and Interests menu item.
  • Select Close.
  • If you want to reopen the news widget, please repeat the above operation.
  • Of course, you can also uninstall cumulative updates:

Set up, update and security, view the update history, uninstall the update, select KB update in the control panel and click the uninstall button to pause the update for a period of time.

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