After the Microsoft Lumia 950 flashed into Windows 11, it already supports the Surface Pen stylus

Prior to this, Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL mobile phone has been flashed into the Windows 11 ARM project and began to support the new phone dialer. Recently, the developer @Gustave Monce posted a new video, stating that after @sinclairinat0r testing, the Lumia 950 mobile phone can support the Surface Pen stylus on the Surface Go when it is equipped with Windows 11.

The following is a video demonstration. Lumia 950 supports the stylus function to operate well. It not only supports writing and drawing but also supports the eraser function of the pen cap eraser. Lumia 950/XL is a Microsoft smartphone released in 2015. It is also the last flagship phone equipped with Windows 10 Mobile, but the operating system has long since stopped supporting it.

Since Microsoft provides a version of Windows 10 compatible with ARM devices, a group of independent developers has been maintaining an unofficial Lumia Windows on ARM project for the past few years, which is Lumia WOA. Now this phone has been successfully flashed into the Windows 11 ARM system.

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