Microsoft fixes Azure data access vulnerability and reminds users to upgrade ASAP

Microsoft recently issued a warning to some Azure customers that hackers are at risk of accessing their data. The Microsoft Security Response Team stated in an official blog post that it has fixed the vulnerability reported by Palo Alto Networks, and there is no evidence that malicious hackers abused this technology.

As a precaution, Microsoft has notified some customers, recommending that they change their login credentials immediately. In an earlier interview, Palo Alto researcher Ariel Zelivansky told Reuters that his team has been able to break through Azure’s widely used container system for storing programs for users.

He said that the code used by the Azure container has not been updated to patch a known vulnerability. As a result, the Palo Alto team was finally able to fully control a cluster that included other users’ containers.

After reviewing Palo Alto’s work at the request of Reuters, Ian Coldwater, an expert in container security for a long time, said: This is the first attack on a cloud provider, using container escape to control other accounts.

Palo Alto reported this issue to Microsoft in July. Zelivansky said that this work took his team several months, and he agreed that malicious hackers may not have used similar methods in actual attacks. However, this report is still the second major flaw exposed by Microsoft’s core Azure system in a few weeks.

In late August, Wiz’s security experts described a database flaw that would allow one customer to change another customer’s data. Microsoft wrote on Wednesday: Out of caution, we have issued notices to customers who may be affected by the activities of the researchers.

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