God of War: Ragnarok new female character Angrboda appeared in the demo

Sony’s new IP God of War series God of War: Ragnarok has officially released a live demonstration recently. A new character, Angrboda, appeared in the demo, but in the game, Angel Bo Da became a black character, and with it came the dissatisfaction of users with the race of this new character.

According to a Twitter user, blacks have never existed in Norse mythology, and there are no black Vikings-actual historians who dispute this claim. As a result, netizens are disgusted with the Angel Boda shown in God of War: Ragnarok by the Santa Monica Studio. Many replies on Twitter are spreading science to the developers of this game. There were so many comments on popular science that the developers closed the comments.

God of War: Ragnarok screenwriter and plot leader Matt Sophos lined with netizens on Twitter. Some netizens said that Matt Sophos is a double-label screenwriter and questioned whether he would be in God of War. Add some Egyptian white gods to the game.

Matt Sophos replied: Are there blue dwarfs in Norse mythology? Is Loki the son of a Greek demigod? Did you know that Jotunheim is not real? They can be anyone or anything, some even giant snakes? But I see. You think Yemeng is okay because his scales are white, right? Well, good luck. I hope you can find a game that suits your feelings better.

At present, God of War: Ragnarok will land on PS4 and PS5 platforms in 2022. The specific release time has not yet been announced.

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