GoPro Hero 10 sports camera parameters leaked

GoPro’s new generation flagship action camera Hero 10 will be officially released on November 15. At present, the detailed parameters of this product have been exposed again. The camera will be equipped with front and rear dual screens, built-in the latest GP2 chip, and the performance is expected to be twice that of the previous generation . The camera will be equipped with a 23MP sensor and support up to 5.3K resolution 60fps video recording.

In terms of functions, the camera’s Hyper Smooth 4.0 can achieve horizon anti-shake, making the video picture always level. This camera not only supports high-definition video shooting, but also can achieve 240fps slow-motion video shooting with a resolution of 2.7K. In addition, it also supports the interception of 15.8 million pixel high-definition pictures from 5.3K videos.

The tipster said that this camera is compatible with the accessories of the previous generation GoPro Hero 9, so there is no need to repurchase it. The product weighs about 153g, has a built-in 1720mAh battery, and is equipped with a 2.27-inch touch screen on the back.

Regarding the selling price, some sources expect the product price to be about 4,111 yuan . In addition, the camera’s lens angle of view is 132°, which can be expanded to 155° after loading the wide-angle accessories.

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