Apple released Safari Technology Preview 132

Apple today released the Safari browser technology preview version 132. Apple launched the technology preview version mainly to test the new features that may be introduced into the official version of Safari in the future.

According to reports, the Safari Technology Preview 132 update includes bug fixes and performance improvements for Web Inspector, CSS, JavaScript, Web API, WebRTC, Rendering, Media and Web Extensions. However, Apple pointed out that in this version, label groups still cannot be synchronized.

The current Safari technology preview is based on macOS Monterey’s Safari 15 update, so it includes a number of Safari 15 features. The Safari technology preview version adds a streamlined tab bar, supports tab groups to organize tabs, and improves support for Safari network extensions.

Live Text allows users to select and interact with text in pictures on the Internet but requires macOS Monterey beta and M1 Mac. In addition, this version also supports the quick note function for adding links and Safari highlighting to quickly record important information and ideas. Other updates include WebGL 2 and new HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features.

The Safari technology preview update is available for macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey. The update can be found through the software update in the system preferences, and the complete update log can be viewed on the Apple Safari Technology Preview website.

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