The first games compatible with Android 12 Game Mode are in the pipeline

Like any self-respecting major release, Android 12 has made numerous improvements in many areas of the user experience with the green robot operating system and, one of these is undoubtedly gaming with the implementation of the Game Dashboard and Game Modes. API.

As already addressed in recent weeks, the Game Dashboard allows you to have quick access to some useful tools during gaming sessions such as starting a live stream on YouTube, checking your completed objectives on Google Play Games and above all changing the performance profile. between Performance, Standard and Battery Saver.

These settings will maximize or decrease the frame rate in order to improve the fluidity of the game or save battery respectively. It should be mentioned that activating and switching between modes will involve restarting the game to apply the new settings.

This function in particular is available exclusively on games that support the Game Mode API and it is news of these hours the rollout of some of the most loved titles in the videogame landscape that support the aforementioned APIs such as Minecraft, Sniper 3D and Temple Run 2.

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Over the next few weeks, other highly sought-after titles such as Genshin Impact and PUBG Mobile are expected to arrive. The Game Dashboard is not officially available for the Android 12 beta but is easily activated from the settings.

Just go to Settings> Notifications> Do Not Disturb> Scheduled Modes and activate the gaming mode. From there you will be able to view the Game Dashboard settings via the gear icon and choose to activate its shortcut when playing.

There is currently no performance optimization available due to the absence of compatible games but it is still possible to start a live stream on YouTube. Google has stated that the Game Dashboard will only be available on some devices with Android 12 onboard so we’ll see which other smartphones will receive it.

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