Call of Duty 18 is no longer a hard drive killer, new technology saves hard drive space

The Call of Duty series no longer landed on the Steam platform since the 15th game Black Ops 4, and instead boarded on the platform under the umbrella of Activision Blizzard. This also allows players to download only one client that includes all modes, and cannot download single-player plot mode and zombie mode or multiplayer mode separately as Steam has already downloaded.

Because Black Ops 4 does not have a stand-alone plot, the player has no feeling, but since the 16th Modern Warfare, the game has gradually become a hard drive killer, and all modes can occupy 200G of the player’s space. Although Activision added a separate mode uninstallation afterward, the Warzone mode is bound to the multiplayer mode once.

The good news is that the latest game in the series Call of Duty: Pioneer will not take up too much hard drive space like the earlier games in the series. It will use special techniques to reduce the file size of the game. Let’s take a look!

Activision said on Twitter that they are using on-demand texture streaming technology to reduce the file size of Call of Duty: Pioneer on PCs and next-generation consoles by about 30-50%. This is good news for those who want to install more than one game on the console at the same time.

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In some cases, the Call of Duty game has become very large, each year there is a powerful single-player campaign, a large number of multiplayer modes and maps, and of course an army of guns. Of course, this requires a lot of hard disk space-more than most modern games. The latest call of duty that has been released is the 2020 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which requires more than 130GB of memory on PS5 and Xbox Series X at the time of release.

But now, because the new technology can stream some textures instead of storage, Call of Duty: Pioneer will not be as big as previous games, at least on PCs and next-generation consoles. It is unclear whether this texture streaming technology will be applied to Xbox One and PS4. Call of Duty: Pioneer will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC on November 5.

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