Google announces the fix that will bring Magic Eraser back to the Pixel 6

Last night we told you how the latest update to Google Photos has private Google Pixel 6 of one of his most interesting software goodies but do not worry, the home of Mountain View has already announced a fix that will bring Magic Eraser to their place.

Google Pixel 6 loses Magic Eraser: what happened

After the release of the latest Google Photos update, many users of Google Pixel 6 have reported the disappearance of the Magic Eraser tool, which allows you to remove unwanted people and objects from the photo in a particularly effective way.

The offending version should be 5.67 of the application and at present, it is no longer available on the Google Play Store (on APK Mirror, however, it is still there). According to what was reported by a user, the aforementioned version still contains a reference to the Magic Eraser function, which however is not accessible.

Google announces the fix

Magic Eraser is one of the most publicized features of Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro, which is why its sudden disappearance has inevitably attracted attention. Fortunately, Big G did not take long to make its official position known.

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Google spokesman Alex Moriconi told The Verge colleagues that the Californian company has identified a problem in the early stages of the rollout of the latest Photo update and will soon release a fix, also clarifying that the problem has not touched all users who own Pixel 6.

Pending the release of the aforementioned fix, it is impossible not to notice how, ironically, the Magic Eraser function, which makes things and/or people disappear from the photos, has been magically erased.

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