Google tests the installation of Android TV apps from the smartphone

During the Google I/O 2021 event last May, the Mountain View company announced a new feature to make it easier to find and install apps on Wear OS devices. After the coveted remote, Google is now rolling out a similar solution for Android TV devices that should make it more convenient for users to install apps on their smart TV using their smartphone.

It may soon be possible to install Android TV apps from your smartphone

Currently, to install an app on Android TV you have to open the Play Store on your TV and although it is possible to install an app from the web version of the Play Store, it is not possible to do it from your smartphone. However, a Reddit user has discovered a hint that Google is finally rolling out this possibility for some users. As you can see in the attached screenshot, in the latest version of the Google Play Store the Install button offers a drop-down menu.

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Tapping it shows a list of devices available to install the app, including those Android TV linked to your account. Unfortunately, this new feature is not widely available at the moment and appears to be implemented via a server-side update, however various comments on Reddit reveal that it is available.

While Google hasn’t released an official statement regarding this feature, it’s possible it will reach more users in the next few days.

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