iPhone 14 Details Leaked: Cancel the mini model and introduce under-screen fingerprints

There has been news before that Apple may cancel the mini iPhone model, mainly because sales are not very good. According to leaker LeaksApplePro, next year’s iPhone lineup will consist of two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch devices, instead of the iPhone 14 mini.

In addition to poor sales, there are more factors that Apple hopes to continue to widen the gap between professional and non-professional models. Similar news appeared before when a source revealed that the iPhone 13 mini may be the last “mini” iPhone. It is speculated that the Cupertino technology giant has decided to cut off the iPhone 14 mini product line next year due to consumers’ indifferent response to the iPhone 12 mini.

Guo Mingchi also said that whether the iPhone 14 has a mini model depends on the sales performance of the iPhone 13 mini, but from the actual trend, it is highly probable that it will not be optimistic if Apple does not significantly reduce the price. Guo Mingchi guessed that Apple will still launch four iPhone 14 series models in 2022. It is expected that both high-end and low-end product lines will have 6.1 / 6.7-inch screens.

Apple has not given up on the research and development of Touch ID, and next year’s iPhone 14 may see a new display of this technology again. After giving the iPhone 14 mini news, the leaker LeaksApplePro revealed that Apple is thinking about how to display Touch ID on the iPhone 14, and the most likely solution is the fingerprint under the screen. For this function, many Apples What users want very much.

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The revelation also mentioned that masks are generally worn in the world. As a supplement, Touch ID still makes a lot of sense for the iPhone. Of course, Face ID is unlikely to be used by Apple. abandoned, so the two technologies should complement each other, rather than an alternative mode. Prior to this, Guo Mingchi said in a report that Apple expects to launch an iPhone that supports under-screen fingerprint technology in 2023, and the first folding screen iPhone may be launched in 2024.

Of course, the possibility of Apple’s advance is not ruled out. It depends on the mass production of related technologies. Perhaps for testing, the fingerprints under the screen will appear on other iPhone models first.

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