Windows SubSystem for Linux 0.50.2 released, new icons enabled

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) has become an important banner for Microsoft to embrace open source and Linux and has won recognition and praise from many developers and managers. Microsoft regularly updates WSL2. Today, a new version of 0.50.2 was released on GitHub and Microsoft Store, and a new icon was enabled.

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The main contents of Windows SubSystem for Linux 0.50.2 are as follows:

  • Add a new LOGO icon for Windows SubSystem for Linux
  • Enable hardware performance counter [GH 4678] with hardware support, add USERPROFILE%\.wslconfig option to opt-out.
  • Fix the problem when printing system error messages containing inserts.
  • Update user tiles to start in the user’s home directory instead of C:\WINDOWS\System32.
  • Restore the default signal handling of the /etc/wsl.conf boot. command process to prevent zombie processes [GH 7575]
  • Use static CRT for Windows installation files
  • Use the storage API to download the release version through wsl.exe –install.
  • Add –no-launch option in wsl.exe –install
  • Many updates to localized strings.
  • Use the updated tar to import/export the WSL2 release.
  • Update to the official 22000 SDK
  • Strip Linux symbols used for release and build

Update the Linux kernel to

  • Update to the upstream stable kernel version 5.10.74
  • Enable BPF type format (CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF) for use by eBPF tools [GH 7437]
  • Change Dxgkrnl version to 2110
  1. → Implemented D3DKMTShareObjectWithHost
  2. → Fixed the QueryStatistics VM bus alignment problem of the result
  3. → Implemented D3DKMTCreateSyncFile
  4. → Solve feedback issues submitted by upstream
  5. → Move d3dkmthk to include/uapi/misc.
  6. → Replace u32 with __u32 and u64 with __u64
  7. → Added “_” in front of the enumerator value to support including WDK and Linux header files.
  8. → Removed the holes in the visible structure of the user mode for compatibility with 32-bit applications
  9. → Replace the pointer of the user mode application with the defined u64 in the user mode visible structure
  10. → Fix the build failure when GCC version exceeds 8.1 [GH 7558]
  • Enable buffer sharing and synchronization file framework (CONFIG_DMA_SHARED_BUFFER, CONFIG_SYNC_FILE) for the use of Dxgkrnl.

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