Mi 12 Pro will debut this month

Previously, Xiaomi has officially announced that Xiaomi Mi 12 will launch the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip for the first time. From the perspective of product planning, it is bound to officially debut this month. According to last year’s route, only the standard version was the first to be launched a year ago, while the higher-spec Pro and Ultra versions will be unveiled in March and April after the Spring Festival.

However, there may be some changes this year. This afternoon, the well-known tipster brought the latest news, suggesting that at this Xiaomi 12 conference, Xiaomi 12 Pro will also debut. At the same time, he also mentioned: I said before that the big cup screen is also smaller than the previous generation. The 2K screen with a visual inspection of about 6.5 to 6.6, the width control is good, and the grip feels good.

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In other words, the size of the entire Mi 12 series has been reduced compared to the previous generation, and the grip of the whole machine will be better. In addition, based on previous news, Xiaomi Mi 12 will also optimize the screen shape this time, abandoning the previous four-curved solution, and will adopt a hyperboloid design with a smaller curvature, which can not only bring a smooth edge touch but also Take into account the complete display effect and avoid the problem of light refraction to the greatest extent.

As for the 2K screen resolution, it is reported that the Xiaomi Mi 12 Standard Edition may not be available this time. Because of the size and battery limitations, it can only be equipped with a 1080P display, which is a bit regretful compared to the standard equipment of the previous generation.

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