To improve the working conditions, dozens of Apple employees went on strike

According to the latest report, a lot of Apple retail employees went on strike on Christmas Eve, demanding to improve working conditions in Apple retail stores. Strike organizers said that at least 50 employees from three states announced a suspension of work on Friday, citing insufficient paid sick leave, lack of pandemic risk pay and other problems.

Janneke Parrish, a former Apple employee, provided support to strike organizers. Parrish said that although the employees who participated in the strike on Friday accounted for only a small portion of Apple’s 80,000 employees in retail and other fields in the United States, it still has important significance for employees to boldly protest against Apple, the technology giant.

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Apple employees are fed up with being ignored, Parrish said. Friday’s action is to ensure that people understand the treatment of retail employees. Apple Together, the organizer of the strike, also urged consumers to boycott Apple during their strike. Don’t shop in Apple retail stores, don’t shop online. Apple Together tweeted.

In August of this year, Apple Together also organized an online protest under the hashtag #AppleToo, publishing hundreds of anonymous accounts from current and former Apple employees, accusing Apple of verbal abuse, sexual harassment, pay equality issues, and other issues.

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