Tesla’s stock price is firmly tied to Musk’s personal behavior

For electric car manufacturer Tesla, it seems that it is falling into a cult of personality mode, and some big news related to it always revolves around the name Musk, but it does not come from that. The company’s real gun and live ammunition move in the market. People realize that Tesla’s performance in the stock market is no longer related to what Tesla is doing, but to what Musk is doing.

Musk’s recent movement is enough to make Tesla’s stock price rise 1% before the market. Even in the morning trading session of last Thursday (December 23, local time), Tesla’s stock price still rose by 1%. Behind this series of rises, the market has once again raised concerns about Tesla’s special rising pattern. After the sales frenzy, where is Tesla heading?

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Comprehensive analysis of U.S. stocks professionals believes that no matter how the news from various parties affects, a considerable number of professionals are still bearish on Tesla. Because most of Tesla’s revenue seems to have peaked, the company can only rely on Musk’s “personality cult” sales model if it wants to obtain longer-term revenue.

So far, Tesla’s performance has been stable, sometimes rushed to the top, and sometimes entangled in quality scandals. Tesla’s stock price has maintained its lead in the past year with a topping, but in the next three months, it has lost all the gains from the “topping”.

Data shows that Tesla’s stock price recovered in early March of this year. By mid-April, the stock price had returned to the level at the beginning of the year. The decline in May this year re-verified the March low, and then it entered a slow upward channel that lasted until October.

Tesla’s stock price rose sharply in late October. In a little over two weeks, its stock price rose from about $800 per share to more than $1200 per share. This time the rise regained most of the previous “lost ground”, and then Tesla’s stock price began to continue to fall until four days ago. Next, Tesla’s stock price started a new round of soaring, once again breaking through the $1,000 per share mark.

What’s disturbing is that most of Tesla’s news comes from the “comical” behavior of the company’s CEO. Of course, Musk played an important role in pushing Tesla’s stock price to its current level, but his “outspokenness” has hindered the company’s actual operation more than once.

One of Tesla’s main businesses is the production of electric vehicles. At the moment they have become leaders in the industry. At the same time, the company is also facing many challenges, and these challenges arise because Tesla has shown the market the actual potential of electric vehicles. Tesla is producing a series of electric cars and their sales are staggering. Musk’s antics still has some value, it helps keep the company in the public eye.

When all parties were paying attention to Musk’s sale of Tesla shares, people realized that Tesla’s performance in the stock market was no longer related to what Tesla was doing, but to what Musk was doing.

It is true that a person’s words and deeds can be controlled more carefully than the business activities of a company. However, when a person “toss” in a company, this will hinder the efforts of the entire company.

Although Musk has allowed Tesla to maintain exposure to the public, it has become increasingly difficult for the company to stand out. More and more competitors are eager to enter the electric car market where Tesla initially proved its existence.

It should be noted that the history of Tesla’s dividend payment no longer exists. Tesla’s ability to be a growth stock with a four-digit value is increasingly under fire. The market has recognized one thing, that is, Musk’s “vaudeville” and Tesla’s “personality” sales cannot attract investors forever.

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