Mi 12 Pro teardown released

After the release of the Mi 12 Pro, the microcomputer branch Loubin and Iao Technology Jiang Zhenlin sent video teardowns respectively. Those who are interested may wish to take a look at the internal workmanship and materials of the Mi 12 Pro.

The Mi 12 Pro still uses a sandwich structure, and the interior is three-stage after the back cover is removed. In order to suppress the Snapdragon 8 Gen1, heat dissipation film, copper foil, silicone grease, 2900mm2 super VC soaking plate, etc. are used.

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In terms of camera parameters, in addition to the main camera, the world’s first Sony IMX 707, the other two 50 million pixel sub- cameras are all Samsung JN1, 50 million pixels, 1/2.76 inches, of which the portrait lens 5P lens, the ultra-wide-angle is 6P, and the main camera is 7P+ Optical image stabilization. The proactive shot is 3200 Wanhaowei OV32B40, and the three major CMOS factories for a mobile phone are arranged.

In terms of flash memory and memory, the media dismantled both SK Hynix LPDDR5+SK Hynix UFS 3.1. What is more impressive in the disassembly is the four-unit crossover speakers (high + low) arranged diagonally up and down. At the same time, the X-axis linear motor is also a circle larger than most Android manufacturers and has a vibration comparable to that of the iPhone.

In other respects, some netizens were worried that the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro uses short-focus screen fingerprints, but it is actually a more costly ultra-thin screen fingerprint solution.

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