Third-party software allows you to drag and drop the Windows 11 taskbar

The taskbar of Windows 11 is written in XAML again, so many functions of the taskbar are missing, one of which is that drag and drop is not supported. In other words, you cannot drag a file to an application that has been pinned on the taskbar to enable the application to open the file like in the Windows 10 system. If you want to implement this taskbar operation on Windows 11, there is now an open-source third-party software that can do it.

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This application is called Windows11DragAndDropToTaskbarFix and is a standalone application that will appear in your system tray after it is enabled. It does not change any system registry entries (except for automatic startup for itself during manual configuration), nor does it inject any DLLs into other processes, so it is a very portable solution.

The program detects whether you are currently pressing the left or right mouse button, and determines which icon on the taskbar you hover the mouse pointer over. If the cursor stays in the same area for a few milliseconds–it will simulate the Win+T shortcut and arrow keys to restore the predetermined window.

The method used is quite complicated. It also supports casting files to the Show Desktop button (bottom right of the screen). The program supports multiple screens, starts automatically, and has many configuration options.

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