Battlefield 3 Reality Mod gameplay, just like a real battlefield

Battlefield 3: Reality Mod (BF3: Reality Mod) is a folk real tactical MOD based on Battlefield 3. It is inspired by the Battlefield 2 Project Reality module of the year. Battlefield 3 is transformed into a hardcore multiplayer game that focuses on communication and teamwork. Recently, the developers of MOD brought a new demo video.

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From the video demonstration, you can see at first glance that the MOD has made major changes to the UI system and visual style of Battlefield 3. The gray filter has replaced the blue tone, the deployment interface has a new design, and the entire game screen has changed. To be more concise, except for the compass and the number of magazines, there are no extra elements.

In addition, gun sound effects and environmental sounds are closer to reality, as if you are on a real battlefield. According to the developer, the beta version of Battlefield 3: Real Mod will be launched soon. Of course, if you want to experience it, you first need to purchase the original game of Battlefield 3.

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