Windows 11 released in February and 30% still support Surface without a driver package

It has been more than 2 months since Windows 11 was officially released, but the driver support for Microsoft Surface products in the official compatibility list is still incomplete. Counting AMD and Intel variants of the Surface Laptop and the new hardware lineup in 2021, there are 16 basic Surface configurations that support Windows 11. But 2 months after Windows 11 was released, 5 of them still don’t have Windows 11 driver package.

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The devices that officially support but have not released the Windows 11 driver package are as follows:

  • Surface Go 2
  • Surface Pro 6
  • Surface Laptop 2
  • Surface Laptop 3 (Ryzen)
  • Surface Studio 2

There are a few interesting things to note about this list. First of all, Surface Studio 2 was initially unsupported. However, the high cost of the machine and the fact that they are still selling aging 7th-generation Intel machines without discounts have forced Microsoft to expand support for the device, regardless of their firm stance on TPM 2.0.

In addition, Surface Laptop 3 has a Windows 11 driver package for Intel variants, and only Ryzen machines are excluded. Ironically, although Surface Go 3 is shipped with Windows 11, it still provides Windows 10 drivers.

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