Honor’s latest Magic UI 6.0 goes official

At the press conference tonight, Honor will not only launch its first flagship Magic V mobile phone with a folding screen but also release the brand-new Magic UI 6.0 system, which is also the first major version upgrade of Honor since its independence a year ago. Comprehensive optimization, and bring a new MagicLive five wisdom engines.

In Magic UI 6.0, the AI ​​experience has been fully upgraded. In addition to basic functions such as voice control, smart vision, smart screen recognition, and smart search, it also supports AI capabilities based on cloud collaboration to intelligently perceive user scenarios and understand user needs. Focusing on scenarios such as life services, smart travel, business office, and sports health, it provides users with timely and accurate service information through devices such as mobile phones, watches, and headphones.

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Taking the common airport check-in as an example, in Magic UI 6.0, MagicLive can intelligently perceive various scenarios and make reminders based on the user’s flight information, airport information, weather information, road information, etc. There are thousands of customizations. experience.

If it is in a subway station, the MagicLive engine of Magic UI 6.0 can also accurately sense the user’s location, sense it before entering the subway, and automatically call up applications such as bus cards. According to Honor, based on the industry-leading multi-level geofencing technology, Magic Live is 6 times more accurate than traditional sensing technology, 500 times more real-time, and reduces power consumption by 95%!

Magic Live will also actively learn and derive recommendation rules based on scene rules and user habits so that YOYO suggestions can truly become your exclusive smart assistant. Subway scene, one-click swipe code; home scene, prompt to pick up and so on.

In addition to focusing on optimizing the display and operating experience of the folding screen, Honor has also comprehensively improved the cross-platform and cross-device connection capabilities in Magic UI 6.0, supporting functions such as glory sharing and multi-screen collaboration. Mirroring and keyboard and mouse sharing modes.

In MagicUI 6.0, Honor also brings more powerful performance. Among them, LINK Turbo X integrates network distributed computing technology to improve the communication jam problem in the weak signal environment; GPU Turbo X is equipped with AI real-time scene prediction scheduling to improve the average frame rate of the game At the same time, the device remains “calm”; OS Turbo X smart memory technology increases application keep-alive by 20%, and the equivalent time of battery life increases by 5%.

For privacy protection, MagicUI 6.0 also brings four layers of protection, including local processing of user data, user authorization management, anti-intrusion protection and chip encryption, improving privacy and system security in an all-around way. In terms of adaptation, Honor announced that MagicUI 6.0 will be upgraded on the Magic3 series in Q1, on Honor 60 and Honor 50 series in Q2, and on Honor X30 and Honor V40 in Q3.

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