Minecraft NFT scam maker ran away with $1.2 million

Recently, an organization called Blockverse plans to build a Minecraft NFT server. It is said that players can mine NFT while playing games in the server, and the NFT dug by players can be freely traded, but the conditions for entering the server are: Players must purchase-related NFT products from developers.

The developer’s NFT was officially launched on January 24th. Within 8 minutes of the sale, 10,000 NFTs produced by Blockverse were sold out. It is estimated that the NFT producers earned about $1.2 million from it. After the sale ended, the Blockverse website and the official Discord channel are all closed, and the last tweet of BlockverseTwitter on January 24 said that the Minecraft Blockverse server has been opened.

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However, the player responded that the relevant server had not been opened. One of the Twitter users named “illiquidassets” claimed that he had paid for the Blockverse developer to promote his Twitter and Discord channels. The developer promised to return his relevant funds after the server was started. “illiquidassets” claim that he has lost nearly $26,000.

Players affected by the Blockverse incident have now created a Discord channel to find “Blockverse” members. One user named “Kashx” claimed to have contacted these members, and a “Blockverse” member stated that the creators of Blockverse did not intend to deceive Players.

But due to problems with server startup, players sent them many negative messages, including threats to their lives, so they decided to close all communication channels. In addition, the server developers said the $1.2 million was due for the work they did and the threats they received.

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