Suspect vandalized Tesla Supercharger to steal copper wire inside charging cable

A few days ago, some overseas users uploaded a set of pictures of Tesla’s supercharging piles, and it is estimated that Musk’s blood pressure will soar after watching it. It turns out that these four supercharging piles have no charging cables, and these cables were cut off from the roots, just because the copper wires in these cables can be sold for money.

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But what is surprising is why the thief only favors this charging cable. You must know that the cheapest cable on the Tesla supercharging pile may be the cable. According to the spot price, the copper price is about 70 yuan/kg, and the “income” of these supercharging pile cables is only $15, but for Tesla, the loss is quite large.

According to industry data, the price of Tesla’s fast-charging piles costs tens of thousands of yuan per unit, and the thief caused Tesla to lose more than 100,000 yuan because of the illegal “income” of $15. For local Tesla owners, it may be a few days without fast charging.

It is reported that the V3 supercharging pile launched by Tesla has a maximum charging power of up to 250kW. The actual charging for 10 minutes can increase the battery life by 200 kilometers, which can greatly alleviate the anxiety of electric vehicle battery life.

However, it is obvious that the problem of cable theft means that Tesla still has room for improvement in the safety monitoring of charging piles. In other words, you can rest assured that something worth tens of thousands of yuan can be left unattended with confidence. place?

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