Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory Model Y will use 4680 batteries

During the fourth-quarter 2021 earnings analyst conference call on Wednesday, local time, Musk confirmed that the Model Y produced by their Austin, Texas Gigafactory will use the 4680 battery they launched in 2020. Judging from some media reports, Musk said on the earnings analyst conference call that the Model Y produced by the Texas Gigafactory will be equipped with a structured battery pack and a revolutionary 4680 battery.

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However, Musk did not disclose whether the Model Y already produced by the Texas Gigafactory was equipped with 4680 batteries during the earnings analyst conference call, nor did he disclose the specific adoption time. In its fourth-quarter earnings report, Tesla disclosed that the Texas Gigafactory had started producing Model Y at the end of last year, and after obtaining the relevant certification, they plan to deliver it to users.

In addition, foreign media also mentioned in the report that people from Tesla revealed in the earnings analyst conference call that the Model Y produced at the initial stage of the Berlin Gigafactory will not use 4680 batteries and will still be equipped with 2170 batteries. This also means that after the increase in 4680 battery production, the Model Y produced by the subsequent Berlin Gigafactory will also be used.

The 4680 battery is a newly launched battery by Tesla at the 2020 Battery Day event. It is 80 mm long, has a 500% increase in energy density, a 600% increase in output power, a 16% increase in cruising range, and a 14% reduction in cost.

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