GoPro’s major strategic upgrade, camera lineup to expand next year

In addition to the existing Hero and Max series, GoPro plans to expand its camera lineup next year with 2 new series. During an earnings call on Thursday, the company’s co-founder and CEO Nick Woodman said GoPro wants to offer more professional cameras.

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GoPro’s lineup previously focused on the Hero lineup, including the White, Silver, Black, and Hero 3/7, as well as the rear-mounted, screenless Session camera. But since the release of the Hero 8, the Hero series has only released flagship models, with older cameras continuing to hit shelves rather than new, lower-priced cameras.

As the company describes its “good/better/best” business model, Woodman said the company’s previous camera models were often aimed at the same type of buyers, and the company’s new plan is to focus on developing specialized cameras that will “attract” A completely different user base”, not just Hero and Max.

Woodman also talked about the more professional market, saying that GoPro isn’t just about being a “Swiss Army Knife” that everyone can use. It also wants to make “advanced solutions” (or really good knives) for specific purposes, focusing on those who may need more than what GoPro’s Hero and 360 cameras can currently offer.

Woodman made it clear that the new additions to the lineup will still be based on the technology GoPro currently uses, even if they’re built for a different purpose (these cameras are called “derivatives”).

It does make sense for GoPro to go this route, rather than create entirely new technology — it allows the company to make new cameras at a lower cost, and it makes a lot of hype for custom chips for its existing cameras. GoPro also said its roadmap includes “new cloud capabilities and an all-new subscription-based desktop app.

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