Microsoft may cut its own XR cooperation with Samsung

According to reports, Microsoft may have stopped the research and development of its own XR headset Hololens 3, and instead cooperated with Samsung to develop an XR headset based on Samsung mobile phones, and abandoned the Windows system as the core, but relies on the cloud computing platform, the project name is temporarily Designated as “Bondi”.

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It’s been nearly three years since the release of the previous-generation Hololens headset, during which Microsoft hired Apple VP Ruben Caballero to run the XR division in an attempt to beat Apple in that regard.

However, some media reported that there were differences within Microsoft, and the management was indecisive about whether to focus on building the Metaverse platform or for enterprises or consumers, which led to low morale within the company and even prompted some people to turn to rival companies such as Meta.

Although the Hololens series has died, Microsoft still plans to launch a cloud-based visual device, but the project is still in its infancy and may still change in the future.

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