Apple hit with class-action lawsuit over ‘jelly roll’ defect on iPad mini

Colorado resident Christopher Bryan filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple on Wednesday, accusing the company of fraudulently promoting and misleading the company knowing that the sixth-generation iPad mini had a so-called “jelly-rolling” defect, according to newly disclosed court documents. sell the device.

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A few days after the sixth-generation iPad mini was released in September, some users began to notice a slight unevenness in the display of text when scrolling vertically on the device, specifically, the text on the left side of the screen seemed to scroll when scrolled. Slightly behind the text on the right side of the screen.

The complaint, filed in the District Court of Northern California, alleges that Apple was aware of the defect but continued to sell the iPad mini without fixing the defect or modifying its marketing materials to reflect the defect.

In late September, an Apple spokesperson said the effect was “normal behavior for LCD screens,” Ars Technica’s Andrew Cunningham reported. iFixit also says that this effect is common for monitors, but the repair company speculates that this effect is more common in the new iPad because the monitor’s control panel is mounted vertically inside the device, rather than horizontally like the fourth-generation iPad Air. It may become more prominent on the mini.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for anyone in the U.S. who buys a sixth-generation iPad mini. The amount is pending trial, and the proposed class entity still needs to be certified before the class action can proceed.

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