Blizzard recruits new chief content designer for existing IP unannounced projects

Blizzard’s 2021 has been rocky: the studio faces past and current allegations of sexism and harassment, while leadership positions are shuffled and major projects delayed. Subsequently, Activision Blizzard was acquired by Microsoft.

The studio revealed last week that it was working on a brand new survival game set in a new universe and was looking for help to make it happen: a new IP for PC/console with a different kind from any other Blizzard-created world” in the background.

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Now, the company has announced another job opening: Chief Content Designer – Unannounced Project. The job seeks to “provide clear goals for functional and narratively interesting missions in established Blizzard IP.

So it can be determined that this is not a recruitment position for a survival game project, nor one of the projects we currently know – Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. It can be determined that this is an existing Blizzard IP, so the rest are StarCraft, Warcraft and Lost Vikings.

An important clue may be in the job description: This senior role will be fully responsible for the narrative experience of the new game and will lead other designers to develop a framework to support replayable narrative content.

According to PC Gamer editor Rich Stanton, based on this job description, the new project should be similar to an MMO, or at least an online service game, and it is likely to be a new work in the “Warcraft” series, or possibly a Warcraft series. Blackthorns RPG game maybe.

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