7 new Android features for Samsung devices

They sometimes seem inseparable. Google and Samsung have taken their Android partnership to a whole new level. Samsung and Google are in a very close love affair right now. As you can also see from the latest post on the Google blog, which is primarily about innovations for Galaxy devices.

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This is understandable, however, because some of the new functions can be implemented primarily through close cooperation. Unpacking 7 features on the latest Samsung Galaxy devices, we’ll tell you what they are.

Android on Galaxy: Some functions from Google apps also end up on Samsung devices first

  • A new live feature in Google Duo lets you video chat with friends while doing other things. For example, watching YouTube videos together. First on Galaxy S22 and Tab S8.
  • Google Messages gets a preview feature for received YouTube videos. This should make it easier to decide whether to watch the respective video immediately or later.
  • Voice access for people with disabilities is now built right into Samsung devices, no need to download an app anymore. First on Galaxy S22 and Tab S8.
  • Material You from Android 12 also supports dynamic colors in One UI for even more individuality.
  • The Wear OS initial setup now offers directly compatible apps for the watch that are available on your phone. First on Galaxy Watch 4.
  • Google Assistant comes in a completely new version for Wear OS. First on Galaxy Watch 4.
  • YouTube Music Premium can soon be used via LTE or WLAN even without a connected phone. First on Galaxy Watch 4.

Some of the functions listed will start in a few weeks. Others for several months – for example Google Assistant on Wear OS 3. And as you have seen, some of the announcements require the latest hardware from Samsung for the time being .

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