Stadia: Free games on Google’s gaming platform, you can only secure these 50 titles until Monday

For a very long time, many users of Google’s gaming platform Stadia have been able to look forward to monthly changing promotions consisting of free games – at least as part of the paid Stadia Pro subscription. Now the month of February is coming to an end and you should see which of the currently 50 free games you still want to secure before it’s too late.

In February, Google reached the record mark of 50 free games on Stadia, which all paying Stadia Pro subscribers could play and save permanently at no additional cost. At the end of the month, the offer will change again and some titles will be dropped from this list.

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The following 50 games are available for free in February

Build up a large database!

The Stadia pricing model provides that every user has permanent access to a game once purchased – this also applies to the free titles. So if you buy one of the above free games for 0 euros, they will be added to your games library and are permanently available. Every player is therefore well advised to simply “buy” all games and thus secure them for the long term, even if some titles may not seem that interesting at the moment – tastes and preferences can change. And thanks to the ability to share the games with the family, there are even more possibilities.

If you already have a Pro subscription, take this opportunity and keep adding new games. As soon as Google ends the campaign, you would otherwise have to pay the full price for the titles again. Should Stadia one day establish itself and catch up with the big ones, which is Google’s long-term goal, such generous promotions will certainly not happen quite as often and on this scale. And maybe some titles will become a classic that you secured back then and can later play for free.

Caution: Applies only to active Pro subscriptions

All titles purchased for 0 euros are only available with an active Stadia Pro subscription and CAN NOT be played with a Base subscription. The base subscription only provides access to the titles that have actually been purchased for an amount greater than 0.

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