After less than a month of testing, the Apex Legends mobile game has already appeared plug-ins

The Apex Legends mobile game has been tested in some countries and regions earlier this month. For an FPS game, cheating is always a problem to be faced. Now, according to reports from Reddit users, Apex Legends Cheaters using plug-ins have already appeared in mobile games.

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Reddit forum user HamadKx shared a video with the caption I think my excitement about Apex Legends mobile is over. In the video, after being eliminated, HamadKx watched the battle of a “power kid” player from a spectator’s perspective. The player can immediately locate the enemy through the wall, and each bullet is automatically locked, which is obviously the use of automatic aiming and Wall-locked cheats.

While this type of cheating isn’t new in Apex Legends, it’s a worrying situation for the game, which has just been released and is only available in a few countries. While Respawn has yet to comment on how it will address the issue, the company has said it will work to combat cheating. Last year, Respawn said it would hire more people to manage manual bans, develop better DDoS management tools, and look to crack down on cheaters faster

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