Samsung is preparing to launch a new series of folding screen mobile phones in addition to Fold and Flip this year

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series and the withdrawal of the Note series, all eyes of Samsung fans have gradually turned to the next generation of folding screen mobile phone products.

According to a report from Galaxy Club, Samsung will launch three foldable devices this year, the first two are apparently the iterative Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 successors, while another new product line is still unclear, However, foreign media emphasized that the number of new machines is limited.

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Samsung Galaxy Club found that Samsung is developing three foldable devices codenamed B4, Q4 and N4, the first two should refer to Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 because their predecessors were codenamed B3 And Q3; and the N4, which was created out of thin air, seems to be a brand new folding-screen phone.

The report pointed out that the N4 may be Samsung’s first scroll-screen phone or the three-fold Galaxy Fold that has been exposed for more than a year. Samsung also showed some new folding screen technologies at CES 2022, including “S” and “G” devices that look like mobile phones, and Flex Note folding laptop concept products. It is not ruled out that the N4 is these Any one of the devices is possible, but the user should prefer something else.

In addition, Korean media recently said that Samsung is developing new under-screen camera technology for Apple, and it is expected to test the water on this year’s folding screen mobile phone, and it is not ruled out that this new series is possible. It is said that Samsung is preparing a limited number of “N4”, so either Samsung has little confidence in it, or mass production is difficult.

There is no news about Samsung’s new folding screen phones yet, but considering that Samsung tends to release a new generation of folding-screen phones in August, we may see more new phone leaks in the future.

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