Battlefield Mobile better than Battlefield 2042 in environmental destructibility? Here is the clip

One of the participants in the Battlefield Mobile tests on Android posted a clip on Reddit that is sparking a heated discussion: Industrial Toys’ FPS for smartphones, in fact, boasts a higher destructibility than that of the latest ‘major’ shooter in the series, the disputed Battlefield 2042.

The clip shared by the player who is participating in the pre-launch tests of BF Mobile resumes a multiplayer battle in the frame of the reinterpretation of a map taken from Battlefield 3, the famous Grand Bazaar.

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Despite all the graphic limitations of a title for tablets and smartphones that is still in full development, the scene immortalized by the author of this video shows the explosion of the facade of a building hit by a rocket launcher and the debris of the balconies falling on virtual soldiers below.

More than the goodness of the work done by the guys at Industrial Toys in carrying on the tradition of environmental destructibility of the Battlefield series, many Redditors have taken the opportunity offered by this clip to express all their disappointment at the lack of these gameplay dynamics. in the multiplayer experience of Battlefield 2042.

While the debate fueled by the BF Mobile clip continues online, according to the now-famous leaker Tom Henderson, the leaders of Electronic Arts and DICE have drawn a great lesson from the flop of Battlefield 2042, with important changes in the creative and decision-making process that will lead to the development of the new chapter of the shooter series.

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