Smart Home: Update for the Google Home routines, breaks can now be set to the second

The Google Home app, designed for smart home control, has received several major updates in the last few days and the next improvement is already being rolled out: The breaks or waiting times required for some routines can now be significantly shorter than before and, if necessary, only pressed for one second. This opens up some new possibilities for automation.

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Google Home users have been able to look forward to numerous updates over the past few days, including a new interface, additional operating options and a new data protection area. But something has also changed in the processes because the breaks provided for routines between two actions can now be specified more precisely than before. Previously, this was to the minute, so the minimum break was one minute.

After the last update, pauses can be set to the second, so that the minimum is just one second. Especially with fast processes, a minute was very long, so this small detail can bring a big improvement for many users. But even in higher areas, the processes can benefit from the fact that they can be precisely defined to the second. As usual, several breaks can be accommodated in a routine at the same time.

The update was rolled out a few days ago and should already be available to all users.

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