Nintendo Switch: A mysterious game due out in May according to a leaker

Nintendo Switch will see the release of a mysterious game in May, with a surprise launch that will soon follow the official announcement: leaker Samus Hunter reported it on Twitter.

According to the clues present in the message, in particular, the capital letters, the currently most quoted hypothesis seems to be that of a sequel to 1-2-Switch, the party game published at the launch of the console and created to demonstrate the capabilities of the Joy-Con controller.

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However, the fact that the release of Nintendo Switch Sports, which we tested a few days ago, is set for the end of April could represent an obstacle to such a production, and so other theories have spread.

Some users are convinced that the leak concerns a new chapter of Tomodachi Life, for example, while others imagine it is finally time for the launch of Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp, recently postponed for the war in Ukraine.

The fact that the final part of the tweet refers to phantom approvals from other digital stores, however, seems to point in a different direction, that of a multi-platform title also available on other systems. We’ll see…

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