Google Messages updates and gets a very convenient feature

Last month, in illustrating all the news about to be introduced on a series of Google services and applications, we also told you about Google Messages and today one of that news is starting to peep into the app, at least in the beta version of the same.

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Google Messages: what’s new in the update

There was talk of much other news, many of which were decidedly more relevant and noteworthy than the one in question, which however remains a great convenience, especially for users who receive a large amount of SMS.

We are talking about the function that allows you to automatically sort new SMS, with a folder for personal ones and one for work ones. In this way, the conversations are kept in order and it is much easier to navigate between them and find the one of your interest. Google calls it an “organized inbox”, it allows you to move between the three tabs All, Personal and Business.

The function has been spotted with the latest update of the Google Messages application (build 20220406_05_RC00), even if the undersigned uses precisely this build and has not yet received it.

As can be seen from the following screenshots, the arrival of the novelty is reported when the application is opened, when the user is informed of the new organization of conversations and the possibility of disabling it in the App’s Settings.

The warning speaks of messages divided on the basis of the sender and the content and if this will allow displaying in a tab only the real conversations and in a separate one the service messages — OTP, communications of the telephone operator and so on — it will certainly be a small victory for Google Messages users.

How to update Google Messages

As mentioned, the novelty should present itself with the latest beta version of the Google Messages app, which is already available on the Google Play Store.

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