Google Contacts: New navigation and additional info for newly created contacts is rolled out

In the contact management Google Contacts, a new navigation bar has been shown in recent weeks, which exists in addition to the hamburger menu and indicates future extensions. Now both the navigation bar and another innovation is being rolled out, about which nothing has been known so far: The information about the creation date of contact.

Google Contacts is a very simple app that has hardly any task apart from listing all the people in the phone book, but that should change. Maybe that’s why the app is now given a new navigation bar, which in the current version fulfills more of an alibi function. Because the second tab leads to the function of merging detected duplicates. Practical, but certainly nothing that necessarily has to be in the main navigation.

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In addition to the new navigation, another feature is being rolled out, which can be very informative, but has hardly been missed by anyone so far: In the details of the contacts you can see when they were added (third screenshot).

Unfortunately, this information is only available to contacts added since this update. This could change in the future because it is very likely that Google has always kept the corresponding timestamp in the database. I can’t imagine that there is no data on this. Both innovations are currently being rolled out and should reach all users in the course of the next few days.

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