Already knew? Google web search even recognizes your humming and singing, the toughest jury in the world

The Google app offers various ways to start requests. The combination of text and image was only just added with Google Lens, but voice input has been used for much longer. Very few users probably know that voice search not only supports dictated words but can also be used with singing and humming to start music recognition.

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The Google app has quite strong music recognition, which can identify and name a song after just a few seconds. All you have to do is start the voice search and tap on “Recognize music” at the bottom – many users should be familiar with it. But what if the song is already over or you have a catchy tune? The Google app can also help with this – assuming you have the right singing talent.

Just tap the “Recognize Music” button and start singing the song yourself. If there is no singing, if you don’t know the lyrics or don’t want to make your fellow human beings happy, even a hum will do. The recognition takes a little longer, but in many cases, songs are recognized reliably this way. Not only do you challenge Google’s algorithms, but you also face an iron digital jury. If it is not recognized, it does not have to be due to the algorithms.

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