New PS3 and PSV firmware update now prohibits players from creating new PSN accounts

The 4.89 firmware update for PS3 and the 3.74 firmware update for PSV now prohibit players from creating PSN accounts, and the related account management settings have also been deleted. Players now need a third-party device such as a smartphone to recover the login password. Hope to create on these two devices Players on the account need a third-party device to do so.

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At the same time, Sony is slowing down the pace of shutting down older system services. Last year, Sony faced backlash over plans to close its digital store for PS3 and PSV, but it reversed that decision.

Last year, Sony removed the ability to purchase games with a credit or debit card on both devices and forced players to use a computer, PS4 or PS5 system to top up their digital wallets.

This is likely to be the next step in eventually shutting down the PS Store entirely on both devices. However, it is unclear when it will do so, especially after the previous statement was met with backlash.

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