Rumor: Apex Legends Mobile will be launched on May 17 with exclusive heroes

Today (May 11), game reporter Tom Henderson posted that the Apex Legends Mobile will be officially released on May 17, and the official announcement of the Apex Legends mobile game launch will be announced this week.

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Details of the mobile game previously leaked by Twitter blogger Apex Legends News:

  • Apex Legends mobile game debuts with 10 heroes
  • Apex Legends Mobile is “from the ground up” for mobile
  • Includes classic maps “Kings Canyon”, “World’s End”
  • Ranked mode and mobile-exclusive mode

In addition, Tom stated that the starting heroes include a mobile game exclusive hero named “Fade” (alias “Phasing Punisher”) and Apex Legends, according to Tom’s description. Fade is a human hero in red-silver armor with gold highlights and a skull-like helmet.

  • Fade Passive – The hero gains a short movement speed boost at the end of the slide
  • Fade tactical skill – return from the void to where you were just now
  • Fad” ultimate move – unleashes the phase cage, sending all heroes within range into the void.
  • 9 other Apex Legends: Gibraltar, Lifeline, Bangalore, Pathfinder, Wraith, Bloodhound, Corruption, Illusion, Octane.

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