God of War 4 PC version has been on sale for 4 months and has maintained its original price

Sony’s super masterpiece God of War 4 landed on the PC Steam platform on January 14 this year and soon received a lot of praise from players. However, this game has never had a discount on Steam so far.

Although the game quality of God of War 4 is really nothing to say, you must know that this is a game ported from the console. The PS4 version was released as early as April 2018, and now the PS4 version is discounted for only about 100 yuan You can get it, which is much cheaper than the PC version; and this is only the national pricing. In some other regions, especially some “low-cost areas”, the pricing of “God of War 4” is also much higher than that of many other 3A masterpieces.

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Many players are looking forward to the promotion of the PC version of God of War 4 as soon as possible. For reference, Sony’s “Horizon: Zero Dawn” had its first discount 4 and a half months after it was released on Steam, and Sony’s “Gone With the Past” had its first discount 2 months after it was released on Steam. It is possible that Sony decided on the discount time based on the word-of-mouth evaluation of the game, so it seems that the first discount of “God of War 4” will have to wait.

I don’t know what everyone’s psychological expectations for the price of the PC version of “God of War 4” are?

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