Google with a new brand: Android is now considered a security feature

Without Google apps, Android wouldn’t be nearly as extensive, safe and fully equipped. This is underlined with “Protected by Android”. The new brand for an advertising campaign is intended to underline that Android today leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to security. Android is now developed “for your safety”, says Google.

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And Google is absolutely right about that. A full-fledged Android phone repels spam calls, protects you from malicious apps and websites, and offers modern data protection functions (for location, microphone, camera), Google now even throws outdated apps from the Google Play Store and the system revokes the permissions granted to unused apps.

“Android offers carefully designed security – when downloading apps, surfing the web and sharing data. If something’s wrong – like if we detect a malicious app or link – we’ll notify you and tell you what to do next. Powerful built-in security helps protect your device and data. This way you are always protected as best as possible, even when you are not using your smartphone.”

There are also monthly security updates for Android in general and their own Pixel phones. More and more manufacturers are offering a guaranteed delivery of these updates for at least two years.

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