New Fuchsia update for Nest Hub brings app launcher

Google brings another fuchsia update to the original Nest Hub and with it new features to the display speaker. Although it is the first device with fuchsia under the hood, it did not automatically have all the new functions with it. The app launcher for the original Nest Hub is only available with the latest update.

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App launcher now available

According to the current status, up to 19 icons could appear in this launcher. Including Google Assistant, Google Calendar, Contacts, Google Duo, Games, Netflix, Spotify, Google Podcasts and a few other apps.

You can access the app icons by swiping up from the bottom of the home screen. Exactly the same way it works on your Android phone.

News for Bluetooth

Also new is the screen for Bluetooth, which is now much friendlier and can be used more intuitively. You can pair new devices faster and you can see already known or previously connected devices at a glance.

Update for the Nest Hub: First it’s up to preview users

It should be version 6.20211109.1.3166212, which brings these innovations to the original Nest Hub. The update will surely reach you in the coming days if you are part of the preview program. It is not clear when the update will also come for devices that are in the final software channel.

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